Landscaping Edmonton – Gardening

Landscaping Edmonton yes landscaping with winter being over half done for the season, it is time to start thinking about your yard and what you would like to have or need to do to prepare for the spring and summer season?

You have many options when it comes to landscaping in Edmonton.  You may want a swimming pool, a beautiful garden for you to enjoy during the day or evening or maybe a new deck or fire pit.  Maybe your family is getting older and no longer uses the play gym set.  This is it time to look at renewing your landscaping incorporating the atmosphere you have always longed for?  Perhaps you are considering gardening with the cost of vegetables and fruits it maybe something you want to incorporate into your landscape design.   Whatever you are thinking there are many options available to meet your requirements.  This time of year is the perfect time to consider your options and what you would like.

Covering all your option in one blog would require a very long blog so I am going to break up some idea to give you some idea and options.  To start lets discuss gardening potential.

The first thing to think about is how much space do you have?

Lots of space perhaps you are in an older area with large lots you can look at a tradition garden in a larger area.  But if you have limited space there are many new gardening techniques such as square foot gardening where you plant with the minimal space and where you can you plant in a 4 foot by 4 foot area raised garden and use various methods to grow plant vertically and close together rather than having pathways you access the full area from all sides.  Another option is to plant in containers many vegetables will do well in containers even potatoes are easily grown in containers.

Adding fruit trees into your landscaping will provide you with an abundance of fruits, there are several fruit trees that will thrive in the Edmonton when selecting the type you will want varieties that are edible and recommended for zone 3.  Keep in mind many trees will need to cross pollinate if you have room for one tree and none of your neighbors have fruit trees you may want to look for a variety that self-pollinates.