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Erosion control is a method used to prevent, limit or control erosion caused by wind or water. There are many industries and circumstances that require a form erosion control some of which may include agriculture, land development, coastal areas, river banks, road ways (ditches), reclamation of various sites, mining, oil and gas, pipeline and construction sites.

There two categories for Erosion Control temporary or permanent methods. Both methods are used to control erosion the first (temporary) is mostly used during a construction phase of a project and is completely removed once the project is complete or other permanent measures are in place.

Some Examples of Erosion Control Methods:

Temporary Measures

  • Seeding
  • Slope texturing
  • Synthetic permeable barrier
  • Mulching
  • RECP coverings (blankets)
  • Silt fence
  • Rolls and wattles
  • Straw bale barriers

Permanent Measures

  • Berm interceptor
  • Gabion cages
  • Rock check
  • Sediment pond/basin
  • Retaining walls



Vegetation is the simplest and most natural way to prevent erosion. In some cases, establishing the required vegetation requires the use of various temporary and permanent method to establish growth.

A common way to establish this vegetation is through seeding. Some of the traditional methods of seeding, broadcast or drill seeding can be ineffective on their own due to water or wind erosion. The addition of RECP (erosion control blankets) to the seeded areas will reduce the loss of seed and increase the establishment of vegetation .

Another method of establishing vegetation in similar areas would be by Hydroseeding or Hydomulching. This involves using mixing a slurry in a hydroseeder a combination of seed, mulch,/organic material, ferterlizer(site dependant) and water in a tank to spray over the area. This slurry creates a covering that will aid in the germination and establishment of vegetation. Hydro seeding/mulching is an effective method to obtain vegetation establishment while reducing the overall cost.

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