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Residential Landscape and Construction

Eco Groundworks is one of Edmonton premier Landscape Professionals; we offer landscaping services that can take your home from a blank canvas to your oasis or we can assist you with taking your current configuration to a complete redevelopment giving you the functionality and curb appeal you have always dreamed about.

Regardless of the beginning state all landscaping projects need to start with a solid foundation. This begins with proper grading and drainage, without this foundation your oasis will not flourish as easily. Not enough drainage and you will have water laying stagnate which is hard on vegetation and provides breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

We can assist you with your landscape project to meet your requirements we are able to work with you to design a plan to fulfill your “dream”. At Eco Groundworks we may be able to offer Financing on approved credit.
There are many elements in creating a superior residential landscaping project. These layers as stated before need to start with the correct grading, many cities and towns in Alberta have grading bylaws and require a final grade certificate. The purpose of the final grade certificate is to allow for proper flow of water during the spring thaw and the rain throughout the season. The grades are all set by the developments drainage plan and approved by the municipality. To obtain your final grade certificate you will need to have your property graded, topsoil leveled to meet the design grades. Once this is done a Surveyor or Engineer will have to do measurements and submit them to the municipality and an inspector will visit and either approve or ask for modifications.

After you receive your final grade certificate the fun begins, turf, hardscaping, fences, trees, shrubs etc all can start going in.  Hardscaping is the use of paths, stones and anything non-organic in your landscaping. We can install breathtaking water features, decks to relax and socialize on and the lighting that will illuminate your garden paths and points of focus to make your garden to make the joy of summer dusk seem to last forever. Lighting also serves as a security issue and we can provide all services to motion detection lighting to ensure you and garbage cans are safe (from critters). Is there anything as wonderful as sitting around a fire pit on a chilly night with friends and loved one? We can install a fire pit with space enough to enjoy yet intimate to lend itself to hours of memory making. A retaining wall can be the solution to a slope that is hard to mow, or it can produce the proper traffic flow for that specific spot.
Whatever the reason we have lots of creative ideas for retaining wall construction.

We take pride in our garden designs and will work to make your dreams come to fruition or you can choose to leave the job to our highly qualified designers. Flower, shrub and tree selection is an art and a science. We can help you on both ends as our designers know this climate zone and can help you choose the right plants to thrive in your yard.

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