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tera-tubesHydroseeding is a great method that provides a lot higher percentages of seed germination and better grass plant survival. It also decreases soil evaporation to a huge extent by acting as a soil stabilizer which prevents wind and water erosion. Hydroseeding is generally used in combination with devices like straw wattles and terra tubes.

Straw wattles are installed in order to decrease the soil erosion more. They slow down surface sediment movement. Straw wattles are a very popular choice today. They assist in stabilizing slopes by reducing their length. Another reason behind their popularity is the fact that they can filter soil water as well as slow and spread its flow.

Straw Wattles & Terra TubesJust like straw wattles, terra tubes are cylindrical heavy duty tubes that encase wood and other fibers, including several engineered polymers for the purpose of sediment retention. These are very advanced solution and are very effective device to trap, filter and treat sediment runoffs, preventing and treating storm water damage.

Terra tubes and straw wattles capture and filter this sediment significantly decreasing hydraulic energy, holding seeds in place so they can remain in place and grow. Eco Groundworks can help you with Terra tubes and straw wattles requirements.

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