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Safety management practices of Eco Groundworks are carefully crafted and structured. We have a team of qualified and experienced safety managers and supervisors who are solely responsible for identifying safety needs. They communicate hazards, supply safety equipment, investigate hazardous conditions and ensure utmost safety for our clients, employees as well as the public and environment.

We take pride in our high standard safety practices and obey all safety rules to ensure safe working environment for one and all. Our constant endeavor is to keep our safety practices and programs most up-to-date to the Work Safe Alberta rules and regulations as well as the RSAW (Road safety At work) strategy.

We believe our commitment to safety is the key reason our team has never met any major accident while working on the project site.Our employees are safety trained and qualified in their area of specialization. With pleasure we incur the costs of safety as we believe safety of our employees and clients is our responsibility and it should never be compromised; no matter what.

In short, we do whatever is rationally justifiable to keep our people and the environment safe.





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