eco-friendly yard shed

Build an Eco-Friendly Yard Shed

The backyard shed does a simple task of storing your gardening tools. If you are eco-conscious, then you’d want an eco-friendly backyard shed build without compromising on the quality. To make it easier for you to build your own eco-shed, here are some tips that you can use for your backyard sheds.

Choose the Right Location

You have the complete freedom to choose the appropriate location for the placement of the backyard shed in your garden. Use this to your advantage by choosing a location that does not require you to uproot existing trees and bushes. Pick a location that has the least environmental impact to your garden and choose that as the spot to build your own eco-shed.

Pick Eco-Friendly Materials

Choosing environment-friendly materials to build your own eco-shed is the best way to reduce the impactof your backyard shed on the environment. A recycled material shed can be made by using recycled wooden pallets, glass and other materials. If you are inclined towards purchasing new materials to build your own eco-shed, then ensure that the materials you buy can be recycled in the future. Use steel, wood, and glass for building a shed. Wherever possible use recycled materials to create an eco-friendly recycled material shed that will serve your outdoor storage needs very well. Avoid cement as it has a large carbon footprint. If you are getting backyard sheds built by professional garden landscapers, ensure only eco-friendly materials are used in the building.

Use the Backyard Shed to Help the Environment

Your backyard sheds can do much more than just store tools and gardening equipment. You can use it to harness the sun’s energy by installing solar panels on the roof of the recycled material shed. You can also use the shed to collect rainwater to water the plants in the garden by using an appropriate drain system.

Grow Plants on the Backyard Sheds

You can also grow plants and vines on the walls and the roof of the backyard sheds in your garden. Not only will they keep the backyard shed cool, they will also look great in your garden. You can use it to grow peas and other small edible climbers to get food from your backyard sheds.

Use Mulch to Prevent Weed Growth

Weeds can grow and eat away at the foundation of the backyard sheds and cause a nuisance around the backyard shed. To prevent this from happening, you can use mulch such as pine straw, fallen branches, and crushed scallop shells. You can store bought varieties such as cocoa shells or shredded cotton as well. These are eco-friendly alternatives to having a cement foundation for your recycled material shed.

These are some eco-friendly solutions to help you build your own eco-shed and have a backyard shed for all your gardening tools. Get creative with your backyard shed building to come up with eco-friendly alternatives and build a recycled material shed.