Landscaping Your Home To A Sale

Potential home buyers form their first impression of a home from its curb appeal. However, most of the times the landscaping is overlooked and undone. Try out these landscaping tips to spruce up your yard to help sell a home.

Use Container Gardening

Container plants add considerable interest to the doorways where people would enter and exit the house. Use large tropicals in case you really plan to try out container gardening. These displays are helpful in demonstrating the various possibilities with container plants.

Limit The Plant Species

Limiting the number of plant species in your garden will make the garden appear easy to maintain and give it a uniform look. But be careful so as you don’t become dogmatic about the choices. This can be good for the local ecology, reduce pest and create an interesting appearance.

Use Some Instant Color

Use of seasonal colors can be a good landscaping tip to help the landscape a pop. you should go for several colors; mostly on the monochrome scheme. Pick a color that suits the color theme of your home.

Check For Any Irrigation Issues

Check if there are any irrigation problems. In case something comes up, fix it as soon as possible. Sometimes, the irrigation repairs might get expensive, and you should not lay the cost of those repairs on the buyers. Provide information about your irrigation schedule, especially if you have an automatic system. Include instructions as to how the system operates and recommend the same watering schedule that’s worked for you.

Cleanup Water Features

You should definitely get rid of any visible leaves and clean the filters to make sure that the water is crystal clear. A water feature, which is not good at appearance or function properly, can be a major turnoff.

Cleanup Water Features

A lush new lawn will make any home get a sparkle. You should go for Kikuyu over Buffalo grass as it is a cost effective option. Kikuyu reduces the cost to about 50 percent cheaper. In case you have a lawn which looks patchy, you could oversow with a lawn seed of fescue. This will thicken up and increase the green color of the lawn.

Take Care Of The Plants

Take a good look at the health of your plants. Dead and dying plants and flowers do not look good. If you’re in an established neighborhood, remove overgrown shrubs encroaching on the sidewalk or ones that are too big, don’t flower or are out of style. If you find that the shrubs, plants or flowers can look better than do so, but if you lack the time, it is better to trim the plant.

In short, you should check for many things before you sell your home. However, having a checklist is not an easy task and you will need an advice from experts on home landscaping and the various landscaping tips to sell your home that you can have, depending on the space you have. Eco Groundworks can be of great help when it comes to landscaping.