Planning a landscape so that it is safe for your people is important. There are a few ways in which you can make the landscape safe for pedestrians or the people who will be frequenting it.

Here’s how.


You can schedule landscaping tasks to make efficient use of time and resources, but if the timing is wrong, your landscape care won’t be effective. It’s important to water, prune, and mulch at the right times to take full advantage of environmental conditions, plant growth cycles, and the seasons. This not only makes sense from nature’s perspective, it maximizes the effectiveness of your landscape care and maintenance activities, saving you time, money, and resources in the long run.

Shortest and safest walkways

If you try to make people walk on a winding fancy walkway, still people are going to go for the shortest distance that gets them to point A from point B. That means if there are corners and curves adding length to their walk, they’ll cut across and end up wearing a new path. Hence, make sure that tenant circulation routes are designed to enable them to take the shortest, safest routes possible.

Utilize correct practices

Utilizing the correct practices and methods for commercial landscape maintenance is crucial. You need to use the right tools for the right plants and practices, for example pruning. Sharp, clean cutting tools are essential for proper pruning as well as for safety for both plants and personnel.


Edges are the most important part of any landscaped space. In fact, edges are the most active and transitional areas in nature for example, sun and shade, fields and woods, land and water. Humans navigate by edges like streets and sidewalks, defined walkways and grassy areas or plant beds. Well-maintained edges promote safety while poorly maintained edges improve the chance for injury, for example, a pile of leaves by a curb can hide the edge, causing people to trip and fall.

Appropriate lighting

If your landscape is properly illuminated at night with adequate lighting in the right places, it will help to prevent crime and accidents. Efficient lighting around travel areas will help boost pedestrian visibility and reduce hiding places for criminals. The right lighting improves direct and peripheral vision, minimizing the need for head-swiveling to make people feel safer and more at ease.

Consider the above factors when planning a landscape design that protects your home. Hire the services of a professional landscaping firm to help you get your landscape safety planned.

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