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In carrying out any landscaping project exposed soil, slant and rain all unite to cause erosion. Nothing occurs more rapidly in a project than erosion. As a result, it is important to have an acceptable Environmental Construction Operational Plan that can address the probable impacts from erosion as well as hydroseedingin an effective and environment friendly manner.

An Eco plan that addresses hydroseeding and other vital environmental management issues, will assist you avoid any regulatory issues. An effective ECO plan will present you as a thoughtful and responsible individual. However, developing an ECO plan is a daunting task and it requires specialized environmental expertise.

It also requires a keen understanding of the regulatory and legal environment related to environmental practices where you will work. Also, it requires great understanding of social issues and how to address public acceptance for getting a social license to work. Eco Groundworks has everything required to create an effective and successful ECO plan. We can personalize a ECO plan according to the site location and the landscaping requirements.


Today, ecoagriculture is practiced in hundreds of locations all across the globe, with great results for regions where poverty alleviation, food production and biodiversity conservation are top most priorities.

Here at Eco Groundworks we provide ecoagriculture monitoring to help our clients address their landscaping needs and requirements. Primarily, ecoagriculture monitoring and assessment aims to identify and document synergies as well as tradeoffs among conservation andagricultural production.

Secondly, ecosystem services like pollination, water purification and the maintenance of soil fertility give a helpful link among goals of ecoagriculture and are considered an important aspect of monitoring.


Assessments Soil testing

Assessments/ Soil testing

Site assessment is an integral part of landscape contracting. In order to complete a site of a site, we look at the following components of your property in depth:

  • Soil
  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Plants

By understanding the effects of these elements on your site, we will be able to create landscape designs that will perfectly suffice your needs.

Landscape Soil Testing

Soil testing is probably the most important aspect of landscaping designing, because it is the soil where plants grow.

Plant roots absorb nutrients from soil and assist in development and growth of branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

We check the texture and pH of your soil carefully.

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