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drill-seedingDrill seeding is a very calculated and precise seeding process. Drill seeding as name suggests, is all about drilling a hole into the ground and then putting the seeds in the created holes.

This process can be carried out by hand, but it can be really time-consuming and daunting, so a specialized tractor is generally used. In the tractor a special type of seeding attachment is used which is also called as a drill.

The drill uses a mechanical system to create holes. The system then puts seeds at pre-determined depth and then proceeds to cover the seed with soil. You can easily regulate the depth of the seed as well as the rate of application. This type of seeding is best for large and leveled areas.

Drill seeding has numerous advantages. For one, it is reasonable, especially when compared with other types of erosion control treatments. Plus, the system doesn’t use wood or fiber, therefore overall price is usually lower.

Drill seeding also provides better vegetative cover than broadcast seeding, as the drill seeder covers the seed with an additional layer of soil that will work to protect the seed from the environmental conditions such as the wind, birds or the sun and provide a layer of soil to help maintain some moisture when compared to seed just laying on top of the soil

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