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During landscaping professionals have to face a number of challenges posed by weather, land and nature. Special steps must be taken to prevent sedimentation and soil erosion.

Eco Groundworks uses Rolled Erosion Control Blankets in order to provide soil erosion protection and assist in the establishment of vegetation on moderate slopes where bare ground seeding or loose mulches seem to be of no good use.

Rolled Erosion Control Blankets have many great environmental-friendly attributes like:

  • They limit soil erosion
  • They protect seed and seedlings during heavy winds and rainfall allowing better vegetation establishments
  • They retain soil moisture, which in turn promotes seed germination

Usually, people don’t pay so much attention to erosion control, but it is really important if you want to keep your landscape looking beautiful and appealing always. For more details feel free to contact Eco Groundworks.



Erosion Control


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