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Silt FencesSoil erosion is one of the problematic and environmentally damaging natural phenomena. It is a very problematic thing especially near construction sites, mining sites and in sloppy areas.The reason is simple- the soil is loosely held to the ground and therefore gets easily wiped out during heavy winds and rainfall.

Thankfully, there are various ways to deal with erosion. Some of the popular ones include: planting trees or grass, terracing, mulching, providing draining channels and silt fencing.

Silt fencing is an effective and very common method. Basically, silt fences are nothing but simple structures that are built around construction sites in order to prevent passage of soil carried by runoff water after rain. Filter fences or sediment fences are interchangeably used terms for Silt fences.

Setting up a silt fence is comparatively easier and cheaper than other methods like growing vegetation or terracing around the site. Eco Groundworks have years of experience in silt fencing and knows exactly what is required to lay a durable and sturdy fence.

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