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The wildfire mark this season just crossed the 9 million acre mark, making it among the top four most huge fire seasons in the US. The wildfires are as dangerous and destructive as they are unavoidable. Thankfully, stopping wildfire is still possible and has become a lot easier with advancement of equipment and machineries present today.

Here at Eco Groundworks we also provide wildfire services and use the best of equipment to ensure quick result, helping you minimize the loss. We have experience of battling wildfires in Edmonton. We use the best equipment like Hydroseeder and Nodwel to calm down the fire really fast.



Hydroseeder :

This might sound strange but hydroseeders are also used to battle out the wildfire and here at Eco Groundworks we use the highly advanced and powerful FINN T400 from Finn Corp.

FINN hydroseeder is modified specifically for wildfire fighting capabilities. We use T-400 model Hydroseeder, with a 3975 gallon capacity, was outfitted for FireOut with dual boom towers that can spray up to 230 feet as well as cab-operated side spray bars, providing the capability to spread FireOut Ice on fires in any of four directions.


We use Nodwell with a 1000 gallon water tank and hose and pumpsto help put out hotspots from wildfires. Basically, Nodwell is a compact two tracked carrier, the Nodwell 60 is widely used as a general support vehicle in many industries. Fully transportable by Hercules aircraft, it is the ideal vehicle for transporting 6 men and equipment to remote job sites in difficult terrain and severe weather conditions. The fully sealed undercarriage allows operation in water, ice and mud.

As a result, we are able to reach even the most complicated located and help you battle the wildfire.


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